Mary Saint-Marie

Mary Saint-Marie is available to share any of these Messages at spiritual gatherings.

Mary will read the Messages chosen and then either speak further and/or ask for questions.

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When we are in  solitude and still, we may be aware of the 
great emptiness that we already are. And we may allow
that emptiness to translate into the fullness, the direct
knowing that is Consciousness alone.
In my own world, when these writings come, they appear 
as a shift of awareness. A Passage.
These Passages come quickly, with no thinking.  There is
a felt sense of  presence. The Passages inspire, guide, 
educate and transmit. 

The Passages below are simply posted to be freely read and 
shared at this time of the growing collective realization of
I Am Awareness.

These Messages/Passages from the Silence may be found in many of Mary's books.