Mary Saint-Marie


New Earth Parables


The Oracle and the Dreamer

transmissions and narration by Mary Saint-Marie

Mary Saint-Marie began receiving transmissions in the ‘70s and ‘80s, following a profound near death experience in 1971, giving forth the revelation of Reality. Mary was elevated from 3-D reality into Soul Consciousness and the unending joy and love that we already are. Her inner vision opened and shortly after came inner hearing
and acute clairsentience.

This near death experience was a vast glimpse into our Oneness. Our shared True Nature. Our True Identity. Our Spiritual Identity.

These New Earth Parables reside in the book, The Oracle and the Dreamer.

Each parable offers a message to assist in the sacred passage to our Oneness that Already IS.

Each parable is a poetic passage from 3D state of Consciousness to the elevated Consciousness.
I Am Awareness.

Mary has been sharing Soul Sessions since 1985, initiating others into the realization of our self AS the One Self. AS the Christ of God. AS pure Spirit. Pure Presence.

Since 2011, Mary has also been doing Grace Sessions for those wanting to simply sit in the joy of Oneness, the joy of the Essence World.

The book, The Oracle and the Dreamer, may be ordered from the writer or on

1. This Village

2. and still…she came...

3. An Om Rang Out

4. She saw the Illusion

5. she sings to the earth...

6. O we all are oracles

7. The Worshippers: And the Sound of Star Light

8. The Signs Were Everywhere

9. The Oracle and the Dreamer

10. tell the others this...

11. The Watcher: A Girl from the Stars


CDs and DVDs

meditation CD unveiling
Journey of Consciousness
Mary Saint-Marie/Sheoekah
This Journey of Consciousness invites the listener into the Vastness that ever is.
It guides one deeper into the realization of the True Identity as the One.
It inspires a more expanded realization of the I Am Awareness as one's very self.
You are Consciousness. I am Consciousness. All is Consciousness...alone.
Enter the world of revelation...
Enter the realm of the real...
Enter the light in the heart... and wisdom
expressed as


I deeply thank the ones through the years who have invited this meditation
cd to birth from my being. Ever are we the Birthers of New Forms!
The Sacred Sounds of the Soul are emanations of the new era upon us all.
Painting on front of CD is: Journey-She...from the Stars unto the Stones.
It is available in three sizes of giclee fine art reproductions. Inquire directly.
For a copy of Journey of Consciousness meditation cd:

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