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Mary Saint-Marie is a mystic poet and writer sharing the illuminated story of the collective Oneness. Mary shares of the mergings and blendings and bleedthroughs of multi-cultures, archetypes, kingdoms, elements and that of the starry realms...




Words from Nowhere is a book of mystic poems to experience the transcendent.
Words from Nowhere opens wide the door of the divine.
Words from Nowhere houses words that usher ones to the Essence World.
Words from Nowhere houses impartations that invite us to our Spiritual Identity.
Words from Nowhere invites us ever into the Field of Light that has no opposite.



Primorial Return

In the book, Primordial Return, shall you find Star-Stone Essence.

Primordial Return is a visual and poetic view of this essence world.
come…dressed, wrapped, adorned in the guise of the elements.

Primordial Return is a passage. A passage from one state of Conscious-
ness to a higher one.

Housed in this book is…the transcendent dance of the unveiled mother
via the earth and her elements. Even her textures are a portal to presence.

Housed in this book are reminders of the infinity of forms…cast upon this earth
… in the atmosphere of love.

Come on this journey through the primordial landscape of texture as a
portal to presence.

Come on this journey…a visual ode to the illumined primal Earth Goddess. The Mother.




mystic and shamanic art



Primal Dance of Oneness

The comes... It comes from an unseen world…
Rising from the darkest dark... The light begins to break…
and is...singing songs from that unseen world…

The Primal Dance of Oneness is a dance in every heart.
The memory lingers long. Humanity knows.
And we are in that time to feel that dance
remember that that dance. 
For it is we

This book houses mystic and shamanic images, poems
and passages that reflect our essence self, our true
nature as the light of I Am Awareness.



Live As Living Ceremony

Life As Living Ceremony is an essence sculpture art book that takes one on a journey of soul glyphs.

Life As Living Ceremony is the spontaneous, flowing and creative Life, that is 

always new, always fresh, always changing.

Life As Living Ceremony does celebrate beauty, purity and eternal love in every moment.

Life As Living Ceremony does celebrate the Oneness with the earth and with everyone, everything, and everyplace.

Life As Living Ceremony does celebrate one's own unique way of being in this world.

Life As Living Ceremony does ever celebrate the Undivided One.

Life As Living Ceremony IS an opening to and allowing of the sacred, animating current of life.

Life As Living Ceremony IS an Enactment of the Eternal.

It is a way of Being.

It is beyond the concept of a practice.

It is Freedom lived.



Galactic Shamanism

expanded and revised edition 2016

This book is a story that reflects and inspires our collective passage into the ?once upon a non-time.

Included in the expanded edition are 'Visitations' and how to journey into Oneness experiences with the kingdoms and the elements.

Shards of HER-story have been gathered from the Archetypal Realm Templates. This seemingly 
personal story of journeys into inner realms unveils an inspiring Impersonal Odyssey of the Soul?s  Remembering happening unto these very times. 

we are Remembering? 
together? we are Remembering?
Together? we move ever closer to the ?return to the ONE.? 

This return brings in its wake the planetary initiation of the ?once upon a non-time,? the Divine 
Feminine in man and in woman. 

This collective odyssey brings, in further wake, a new inner dance of polarities and an unprecedented  outer dance of man and woman, 'unto these very times.' 

This rising, unveiling Feminine heralds and makes possible the 'landing' of World Balance. 

Together?we embark on the Unspeakable?the World Birth of the Undivided One? 
Together?we embark on the World Birth of Balance? 
Together?we become?the Star-Stone Ones? 
Together?we live?Galactic Shamanism? 

awa tey ewa tey 
Now is the Time 
to tap the inner vision of love 
and land it into form 
unto these very times?



The Oracle

These new earth parables have a great simplicity.
They are as poetic odysseys into the realms of purity.
They inspire openness to the Great Emptiness.
They herald a new way.
They give voice to the eternal.
These parables are as living stories of being.

These stories call us first into the original archetypal realms
and then beyond into the Realm of the Real. Pure Awareness.

These stories call us each to see the new and birthing culture
from our own individual perspective and to live that which we
see. Share it with the world

These parables give voice to a birthing eternal culture.
A culture, Unspeakable, lived in the present moment?
A culture where all do hear the sacred call?
A culture where all do heed the Sound of Star Light...


Art as Consciousness

Housed in this book is a pen and pencil body of visionary art work. It is from a twelve year period of dedication to the inner being, expressed as simple drawings.

Art as Consciousness speaks of the Undivided One? 
Art as Consciousness as a realization of the Infinite One? 
Art as Consciousness as an Expression of Exaltation? 
Art?Expressing the Unspeakable? 
The Invisible?visible? 
The Unmanifest?manifest? 

Sacred and mystical Art of the Soul speaks to the Beauty of the Essence world?
...that is everywhere present.
It offers expression to the Field of Light? 
It elevates consciousness to Consciousness? 
It unveils the world as pure I Am Awareness? 
It reveals visual prayer as one of ecstatic wonder and innocence?
 It reveals a visual prayer of The Formless One AS form? 
a visual prayer of the personal as the Impersonal? 
a visual prayer of dedication and devotion to the Infinite...


The Monitor Book cover

The Monitor and Laughter of the Gods is about the ecstatic watcher/seer in us all. Available now!
The book is an offering of illumination, partnered with laughter, music, dance.
Both the form and Formless dance upon the stage of Life with transcendent humor.It is an original play, shape-shifted into book form. It arrived uninvited, as a guest.
It is offered now as a guest in your life.
It may simply reflect what you already know or it may inspire your remembering
of what you already know.Enjoy the guest.It is a reminder to ?be in the world, but not of it.?
It is a reminder to abide in the Animating Presence.
It is a reminder to Allow Life to be revealed.
It is the numinous awareness that we may all live from this ever-expanding Consciousness.This stream of consciousness play/book is a reminder that inner communing
and listening has an exalted and uplifting effect.  We find ourselves at One with this Animating Presence that is our very self.  And we find ourselves to be Action
borne of Vision, rather than action borne of reaction.  This type of action has a
different effect upon the world.  It creates in the world from a transcendent
Consciousness. It births a new world of balance.  The ancient yin and yang in
the dance of the One.The Monitor and Laughter of the Gods generates a surreal, mystical and humorous
meeting of human consciousness with Consciousness.  It befriends Truth in an
unexpected and irreverent context, reminding us all starkly and directly that all
of humanity is on notice to go beyond the realm of beliefs and touch the wordless
and the nameless One that dissolves boundaries and seeming separations
everywhere.Ever will ones be uplifted in the exaltation of the realm of the real.Here, Inspiration is seen as the inner One, where the mystery of the Unknown
becomes the Known.


The Animating Presence cover

The Animating Presence is a compilation of passages that came to me over several years. They present to the reader, quite literally, the Awareness of a passage from one state of consciousness to another higher level of Consciousness or Awareness. They provide an opening to slip through. Awaiting is a higher dimension and harmony that Already Is. The book inspires one to open to this Animating Presence that is one's own life. And that is the One Life of all! The subjects of the passages simply allow one to see how that passage or shift may be enacted in one's own Life. Following are some of the words from the book that initiate that passage in one's life: ?Open to the exaltation of the animating presence that you already are. It will never lead astray. Trust your Self. Trust the Withinness. In opening to this animating presence as our true identity and being, we do open to see the emerging new culture. And we do see this animating presence in everyone, everything and everyplace. Our lives simply become the bringers of the new frequencies. Even bringers of the new values and the ever new forms of balance lived. Bringers of beauty. Together?we are the birthers of the new earth culture. Together?we behold the Changeless One come as endless change. Together...we experience the rapture of the numinous Earth.'


The Star Stone Ones cover

The Star-Stone Ones has 118 original paintings and poems and descriptions by Mary Saint-Marie. The numinous book reflects our true nature as Awareness, using art and poetry as the mediums. It may also inspire and catalyze a deeper experience of the seeming self as the One Self. A page directly from the book best describes the book: Star-Stone Essence This book is an offering...and an invitation to be more deeply in one's True Identity as Essence. As the presence of divine beingness. It is an invitation to realize that. It is an invitation to allow Essence to Live as our very being. It is an invitation to realize the Impersonal as the Life of what we call the personal. The personal and Impersonal as One. Wholeness Is. away tey ewa tey Now is the Time Now is the time to identify with our true nature, our Essence Self...alone. In That True Identity, we will begin to release and let go of false identities, which are roles and functions and sometimes even habits of society. We are transcendence itself. The roles of mother, sister, husband, uncle, owner of house, position in career and on are simply roles in the Play. Realization of our Essence-Self. This is the way of freedom. Freedom lived. Not freedom from disease, disorder, dysfunction and on. Freedom as the Light of Consciousness. Freedom as the I Am Awareness. Essence-Self is I Am Awareness. It is pure Consciousness. It is the unconditioned love. IT knows how to live a non duality life in a world of opposites, but no opposition. It opens out a way. It is the Isness which flows as the River of Life toward the River of Convergence. The Undivided One. Come. Come into this world of Essence. Star-Stone Essence. We are all artists. Artists animated and danced by Essence, the very Fire of Life. In that, we are all bringers of beauty. Beauty...expressed.



Holy Sight

THE HOLY SIGHT is an ?Invitation to Holy Relationships? with everyone and everything . . .

THE HOLY SIGHT is a sacred initiation . . .

THE HOLY SIGHT educates about a very simple practice that is both ancient, yet new.  It is understood and ?known? by the illuminated.  It has been deeply misunderstood and/or ignored by Western mind.

This simple practice is a ?shift of awareness? that may be experienced and lived.  It allows us to enact this internal alchemy in our lives.  It allows us to appreciate the ?Mystical as Practical.?  It allows our lives to change.  It allows an exalted now.

What is it . . . that can shift the Western Mind in ?all its relationships?? . . . with everyone and everything?

What is it . . . that can turn belief from material sense and outer appearance?

What is it . . . that can break the human spell that is the outer seeming of the world of fear, pain, suffering born of separation from Presence?

What is it . . . that can allow deep forgiveness . . . easily . . . naturally?

Let us . . .come into Holy Sight . . .
Let us . . . see the true identity of all others . . .
Let us . . . see the Wholeness . . . that already is . . .
Let us . . . feel this Holy Presence . . . as everywhere present . . .



Woman of the Circle...come...


                Nectar of Woman offers a journey?

                  out of the fear?

                  out of the lie?

                  out of the man/woman imbalance?

                  out of the spell of humanity in separation


               Nectar of Woman offers an invitation?

                  into awareness of true original woman

                  into awareness of Mother of the World?

                  into awareness of World Birth of Balance?

                  into awareness of man/woman balance?

                  into awareness of true identity as Light?

                  into the recognition of true lover and beloved?


As men and women everywhere continue to awaken to their true nature and realize transparent mind, an unprecedented event occurs.  It is occurring even now.  Woman begins to simply drop the culturally imposed roles of a humanity in fear, imbalance

and false premises.


True Original Woman arises and emerges as Archetypal Woman; she arises after being silent and fearful in many eons of rising and falling imbalanced civilizations.  Woman steps forward now to do her dance.  Woman steps forward now to do the dance that lives within her soul. For she does find the inner marriage.


Men and women everywhere wil l feel the ecstasy and the exhaltation of a World in Balance.  Awa Tey Ewa Tey.  The time is now.  Voice of Woman speaks?



The Messages from the Silence began to come.

They came on the dawns.They came.

They came as inspirations and catalysts to others to find ?direct knowing? from within.








as the


foundation of the emerging new world?


This oracle book inspires, initiates and reflects the awareness of the joining of man and woman ordained of Presence.  Partners in Purpose.


To find the ONE within?is to find the One without.  The Beloved within?come as the One without?


The Holy Presence, the ONE, appears as man and woman, as yin and yang expression, in all of nature and the processes of nature and in all the universe.


It is the Law.  It is a priceless gift.


This book may serve to catalyze the Ancient Remembering of the ONE as The Sacred Two.  More simply put?may it be known that fairy tales are true.  This book illumines the awareness of?and they lived happily ever after?and now the story begins?the stories that were rarely told for they were rarely lived.


Friends?we are the characters in this story?

Friends?we are the dance of the ONE?as The Sacred Two?


Be your own oracle, your own revelation unto the unmasqued mystery of the World Birth of Balance...of the World Birth of the Undivided ONE come as the Divided Two...seeking to reunite as the ONE?  


This book is an invitation into mystical  images,

poems and poetic odysseys that reveal the landing of

the Star-Stone Tribes?

as a culture of Light?

emerging two by two?


SHE... it is... who Remembers - is a narration from Mary Saint-Marie's book, Galactic Shamanism; it is a poetic Odyssey of our collective Oneness.

"This rising, unveiling Feminine, in woman and in man, heralds and makes possible the "landing" of World Balance. Together we embark on the Unspeakable... "the World Birth of the Undivided One."

It is a story that reflects and inspires our collective passage into the "once up
on a non-time."

Mary performs this as a ceremonial multi-media enactment with dance, sacred sound, narration, music and her mystical art.

? Return to Oneness - is a poetic odyssey into the soul realms of animals.

These poems that have come to Mary Saint-Marie record our Return to Oneness, when the animals will be free.

It is time to hear the animal kingdom, to find out what it is speaking to us. What are their messages?  What are their needs?  What is Life about from their point of view?

In "Return to Oneness", we "feel" again. We "feel" the Presence of Creator pulse through our veins and through the veins of the sacred animals.

There is but One Soul.  And in that Truth, there are new choices to be made. We are woven together as one illuminated Web of Life. We are light strands of wholeness.

"In the Soul Realm of Animals, they wordlessly told me they await humanity's return to the One Mind, that they may ceremony with us and for us. The animals said, 'We await your coming.'  Let us remember... and let us come".

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